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Helping you maintain a healthy, physical, mental and spiritual lifestyle




“Shamanism is a great mental and emotional adventure, one in which the patient, as well as the shaman-healer, are involved

Michael Harner

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Working as a Medicine Woman in today's world

Growing up in South Africa during the apartheid regime gave me a deep insight into specific human and ecological injustices and suffering.


Following studies in Fine Art and Interior Architecture and Garden Design in Cape Town and the UK, I went on to develop a passionate interest in the culture and practice of the Lakota tribes, and the ritual benefits of the Sweat Lodge. I became fascinated by this intuitive communication with the natural world – a paradigm that connected people with wildlife, a genuine respect for the natural world, and the wisdom preserved in ancestral heritage. 


I spent two years travelling to the landscapes of the Scottish Highlands to engage in group shamanic ritual and practice. 


In Timbavati, the Southern African heartlands of the sacred White Lions, I continued to study animal healing and communication with these magnificent beings.  With a grateful heart, I took on a role representing the Global White Lion Protection Trust in Brussels and at Parliamentary Committee stage here in the UK.


As a qualified Reiki master and teacher, dowser and nutritional and health adviser, I have continued to study interspecies communication with a Diploma in Animal Healing.


After spending time in spiritual immersion with an extraordinary renowned mystic, I took up my role as a professional shamanic counsellor. 

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Shamanic Counselling uses a combination of emotional healing therapies and spiritual journeying through metaphor, to arrive at positive, transformational solutions. Clients bring a wide range of experiences, including chronic physical ill health, gender transitioning, relationship and career challenges, and identity questions. 


All our pathology is carried in the memory of our cells, both in soul memory and the personal DNA in our ancestry. We, therefore, have the potential to explore the less overt, but often crucial, root cause of problems.

In this era, we are experiencing intolerances to many foods. If there is a problem that persists, it may be that we do not have the genetic ability to cope with this. Pinpointing this need can help to bring us to a solution.  

As we become more conscious of the challenges of contemporary living we become aware of our own inability (or we feel poorly equipped) to cope with its demands on our emotional, physical and spiritual states. 

Shamanic counselling can help us to find a way of coping with our inadequacy, uncover personal mysteries and give us an increased awareness of ourselves. This awareness comes through journeying which enables us to find strength and direction to equip us to cope with these challenges. 

The counselling provides a safe environment in which to explore pertinent questions and delve into those parts of the sacred soul that have been buried and are waiting to blossom, bringing about the ability to live a more fulfilled life.

Sometimes along the way in The Journey to the Garden of the Soul, the client and the practitioner uncover awareness of what we call soul loss. In order for the counselling to progress, a ceremony involved to return the lost soul to the recipient, a soul retrieval ceremony is necessary to be performed. This will only be performed if the recipient is already familiar with the workings of the practice. 




A series of sessions (between 6-12) and then mutually agreed on follow-ups. 


All sessions will be individually tailored. 


History of the past and present situations will be considered in depth in order for the session to progress. This can take anywhere between 1.5 - 3  hours and will be charged accordingly. 


During the shamanic sessions, the information in the shamanic journey is revealed in metaphor. How this is then useful will be interpreted to help answer the question that is brought into the journey and reveal the fear to the recipient. Once the fears are revealed the info can help the recipient find an answer to their question.


If at any stage either the counsellor or the recipient feel uncomfortable about pursuing the session it will be honoured and brought to an end. Once embarking on a commitment to shamanic counselling it is recommended that the recipient sees the journey work through to its fruition. 


Elements that can be called on during a session...

  • Deep revealing conversations self-awareness illumination

  • Journeywork with drumming

  • Dowsing for health

  • Reiki and healing 

  • Ceremony work

  • Lifestyle analysis and guidance looking at nutrition, maintaining vital access to nutritional needs.

  • Understanding and guidance for personal journey work 

  • Psychopomp - messages for other dimensions and realms if necessary for guidance 

  • Understanding journey work and how this affects ourselves and our potential

  • Working with others, giving and receiving 

  • Being in-balance,  being out of balance, becoming in balance 

  • Confronting shadow work and bringing in the light 




This can be part of shamanic counselling or stand alone. 


Recent ceremonies have included celebrating...

  • Transitioning (Gender)

  • A new sacred space

  • Coming of age

  • Land clearing

  • Changing of the seasons (fire ceremonies)


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Listen... The moment you first hear Jacqui’s voice you know you are somewhere special. Listen to every word she says, it will contain all you need to know.

Having spent 20 years in a bit of a hard-working rut running a small business I find myself at the centre of a whirlwind of opportunities – none of them small! With Jacqui’s guidance, I now make split-second decisions that change lives."


Ingrid. Whitstable 2020

"Over a year ago, I was feeling quite overwhelmed by life and at a very low ebb, when a friend recommended I speak with Jacqui.  From our first meeting, Jacqui saw through my façade of “happy go lucky” and offered authentic, real, effective observation and guidance on how to move out of this debilitating phase to one of renewed hope with a clearer sense of how I could move forward in life.  She provided advice around nutrition to help get my physical health back on track, and over the following months, we also worked on my emotional wellbeing by enabling me to reconnect with myself once more. My journey with Jacqui has been very revealing and tremendously valuable and I strongly urge anyone with health and/or emotional issues to step outside the box and turn a new page"


Catherine. Dorking, Surrey January 2019


"Jacqui created a beautiful and uplifting ceremony at West Kennet Long Barrow to mark my gender transition.  She wrote some powerful words especially for the occasion, and also gave me space to read one of my own poems. Going into the ancient tomb dressed in my old 'female costume' and coming out in my new clothes, witnessed by my partner, was a profoundly moving and empowering experience. It definitely helped to build my confidence to come out and live as my true self. Jacqui is a thoughtful and sensitive counsellor and an accomplished shamanic practitioner. I found her Soul Retrieval work and the six-session 'Garden of the Soul' program extremely helpful at a challenging time in my life. It shone a light on old programs and limiting beliefs that needed to be cleared out in order for me to move forward with confidence, and gave me a new language of images and symbols to understand the issues I was facing. I would recommend her to anyone who might be struggling with self-esteem, sexuality or gender identity issues, or general anxiety"


Ash. Lyndhurst, Hampshire 2018


“To me, Jacqui has been a true spiritual guide along the path of discovery. With her enthusiasm for igniting conscious change through her connection to the spirit of nature and the wisdom of her birth place in Southern Africa. She has shared her gifts with me and countless others to serve an awaking world. A true spiritual warrior! I thoroughly recommend healing and counsel with this special soul.“


Paul. London 2018



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